Our Windy Forces

Tornadoes a very interesting force on earth. A tornado by definition is a mobile, destructive vortex of violently rotating winds having the appearance of a funnel-shaped cloud but a tornado is so much more than that. Tornadoes are made when cold, dry air and warm, moist air collide, producing a strong updraft. May is the month with the most tornadoes but April’s are the most destructive. More tornadoes form in the skies over the U.S. Than any other part of the world. “Tornado Alley” in America, is where most, not all, tornadoes form in America. “Tornado Alley” stretches from part of Texas through Oklahoma and into Kansas. Tornadoes kill about 80 Americans a year and inflect 1,500 injuries. The deadliest tornado on record killed about 700 people in Missouri, Illinois and Indiana in 1925. A tornado can be measured in 6 different strengths; an F0, F1, F2, F3, F4 and an F5. An F0 has a strength of 73 miles per hour(mph) or less. An F1 has a strength of 73 mph-112 mph. An F2 has a strength of 113 mph to 157 mph. An F3 has a strength of 158 mph to 206 mph. An F4 has a strength of 207 mph to 260 mph. An F5 has a strength of 207 mph to 318 mph or greater. As you can see now a tornado is so much more than swirling wind, it is a majestic force of earth, stoping for nothing.

How I Win PvPs All On My Own!!!

When I first spawn in world and everyone has joined first I run as far as I can. I do this so that I can avoid all the fighting at the beginning of the game. I prefer to not fight with my fists at the beginning.

After I am far away I start looking for trees to cut down to get wood to make tools. As soon as I can I use the wood make a wooden pickaxe to mine stone to get a stone sword and stone pickaxe. Once I have the stone tools I immediately head into a cave or start strip mining down to level 12 to get iron and diamonds. Usually I want the iron before the diamonds because I need iron to mine the diamonds. Also iron is so much more common then diamonds so if I end up not finding any diamonds I still have full iron armor and iron tools.

After I’m done mining we’re usually deep into the game and approaching the death match. When I know the death match is near I start heading back towards spawn where the death matches in my worlds usually take place. But usually it takes about a day’s journey back to spawn. So my solution is I travel under the cover of night. I leave at dusk or the middle of the night depending on the distance. After I arrive at the spawn I will start to scout out the area for an amazing tree, like a tall jungle tree. What I usually do is I build a very obvious house that they notice and try to get up to. Little do they know that if they pile up or climb up I can shoot them off. And even if they manage to get up to my house I can hit them before they can react.

Also if players are already there I will use my hiding skills to remain undetected. Most people I know, know that I am an amazing hider. In my hide and seek world I am one of the most amazing hiders there is. The only two people that rival me are SandyLongHair and cw725xb360. They are my two main helpers on that world. Anyway what I mean to say is I can watch without them seeing me. That way I can also judge if I want to take them on for a fight or if I want to leave them to have someone else finish them off. These are the strategies I use if I am in a PvP battle.

What Should Be Added to Minecraft!!

There are many things that they add to Minecraft. I think they should add Lapis armor, emerald armor, redstone armor, different colored redstone lamps, lapis and emerald and redstone tools and some minor tweaks. All of these things should definitely be added to Minecraft.

Let’s start with the minor tweaks. One majorly annoying thing that they need to change is the sound of breaking glowstone. It sounds like breaking glass! It’s glowSTONE not glowglass. Sigh. Also what they need to change is, on Xbox, is the break and place blocks permission. They need to make it so that they are two separate permissions. They need to do that so if you want them to be able to use potions they can do that without griefing by breaking blocks everywhere. On last little thing they need to change is the armor on certain skins. Sometimes, on Xbox , if you wear a certain skin the face will bug out. Now I’m not saying they should make the skin differently I’m just saying they should fix the helmet. That’s it for minor tweaks.

Now on to large additions. I think they should add emerald armor because currently emerald armor does not exist. It could be crafted by using emeralds and it would be better than diamond armor. It could also give potion effects. Those potion effects should be speed 2 and flight. It wouldn’t be too overpowered because you would need the whole set which would cost 24 emeralds which are super rare. There needs to be emerald tools. The emerald sword could do 12 attack damage(6 hearts), the shovel, pickaxe and axe could give you haste when you hold it and would last longer than diamond tools. The emerald hoe could hoe an area of 3 by 3 area at time.

Other large additions that should be added to Minecraft is lapis tools and armor. I think that lapis armor should be crafted from lapis blocks. When you have the full set of armor you will get night vision forever. Also the tools will be crafted from lapis blocks too. The lapis sword will do 7 attack damage and have a small chance of shooting a beam from it which could do 14 attack damage(7 hearts). The tools would also be crafted from lapis blocks. The lapis pickaxe when ever crafted will automatically have silk touch on it as well as the shovel. The axe and hoe however will be able shoot fire charges out.

Redstone armor and weapons would be a large additions to Minecraft. The redstone armor would be crafted from redstone dust. The armor could be as good iron but breaks slower. The same thing goes for all of the tools as well. The exciting part would be if you are standing on a piece of redstone dust it would be powered because you are ‘Redstone Active’.

Onto one of the last things that should be added to Minecraft is different colored redstone lamps. This idea was suggested to me by ~EnderGlow~. We think this should be added because it is a bit boring with the white redstone lamp; there should be more colors. How you could change the color would be add dye and a water. Also when it is powered it will glow that color. Those are all the changes I think they should add to Minecraft because it is pretty perfect in any other way.

All About Armor and Weapons

On Minecraft you will constantly need to attack and defend yourself. To attack and defend yourself is easy. All you need to remember is , sword to attack and armor to defend. Also how strong the weapons are and how good the armor is.

First off, armor. The armor strength goes like this, leather, gold, chain, iron then diamond. In full strength you can have 10 “chestplates”. You will know how much your defense is at all times because it will be shown above the health bar in whiteish color. A leather helmet has half chestplate bar. A leather chestplate one and a half chestplate bars. Leather leggings have 1 chestplate bar. In the full leather armor you will get three and a half bats of armor. For a gold helmet it is 1 armor bar, same as chain. A gold and chain chestplate both are two and a half armor bars. Only the leggings are different when it comes to gold and chain armor. The gold legs have 1 and 1/2 armor bars and the chain has 2. The gold and chain boots both have half bar of armor. In a full set of gleaming gold armor is five and a half armor bars. In full chain it is six armor bars. On to iron armor. An iron helmet has 1 armor bar just like gold and chain armor. An iron chestplate has 3 armor bars. Iron leggings have 3 armor bars. Iron boots also have 1 bar of armor just like an iron helmet. Full iron armor gives you seven and a half bars of armor. Diamond is the very best armor in the game. A diamond helmet has one and half bars of armor. A diamond chestplate has four awesome, armor bars. The diamond legging have 3 bars of armor, and the diamond boots have one and a half armor bars. The full beautiful, blue diamond armor is 10 armor bars. That is as many as you can get in the game! Armor is very useful to going to attack, because you will be attacked as well and need some defense.

Moving on to the fun stuff, swords. The strength of swords goes in this order: wood, gold, stone, iron and diamond. The wood sword plain without enchantments can last for 60 hits, per hit it does around 5 hit points, can kill anywhere from 15-24 mobs and can overall do 150-240 hit points of damage. The gold sword without enchantments can last for 30 hits, does 5 hit points of damage per hit, can kill anywhere from 8-13 mobs and can, over a lifetime, do 82-132 hit points of damage. The stone sword unenchanted can last for 132 hits, does 6 hit points of damage per hit, can kill any where from 39-66 mobs and over a lifetime can do 396-660 hit points of damage. Iron swords free of enchants last for 251 hits, does 7 hit points of damage, can kill 87-138 mobs and can do 878-1380 hit points for lifetime damage. On to the best weapon in the game, a diamond sword. The diamond sword that has not been enchanted will last for 1,562 hits, can do 8 hit points per hit, can kill anywhere from 624-1015 mobs and will do 6248-10153 hit points of damage over its life time. Just remember that gold armor and swords are easiest to enchant but break the fastest, just don’t say you weren’t warned!

Hostile Overworld Mobs Continued!!!

There are definitely some other facts about the silverfish, the spider, the slime, the creeper, the skeleton, zombie, the witch and the Enderman.

The silverfish is the smallest hostile mob, but don’t underestimate strength. If you let it keep attacking you, it will kill you especially if there is multiple. If you try to use splash potions may kill one silverfish but it awaken more silverfish to take its place. To try take out the silverfish stand above them or just run away so they can’t see you. When you fight silverfish just remember its weaknesses, gravel/sand, lava and drowning, you will be fine.

The spider has some facts about it that is certainly very different from other mobs. One fact is that a cobweb does not slow down the spider, it goes through it like it was air. Like most other mobs it will spawn in areas with a light levels of 7 or less. The spider is vulnerable to fires, explosions, swords and bows. The spider drops 0-2 string and 0-1 spider eyes each time they are killed. If you are trying to kill a spider, get the high ground and don’t let the spider have it as it can hit you from top giving it the first hit in. Spiders are very different and special in their own way.

On to everyone’s favorite, the creeper. The creeper was originally created from a coding bug in Minecraft when they were trying to create a pig. It’s said that Notch toke a liking to the creeper and kept in the game. When the creeper is exploding it will do at most 24 1/2 hearts damage(49 hit points). If the creeper is charged however it will do 48 1/2 hearts of damage(97 hit points). To try and kill a creeper use ranged weapons until you can kill it with one hit.

The skeletons of your Minecraft world are very deadly. When the skeleton shoots you it can do anywhere from 1-3 hearts of damage(2-6 hit points). Also if the skeleton picks up any helmets or pumpkins as when the day comes it will not burn and survive another day to kill you. That is the same for zombies too.The skeleton will not, like the spider and zombie, spawn on transparent blocks(like glass and slabs) which makes it useful if you wanted build a walkway out of slabs or glass so they won’t spawn there when you are talking a night walk! The skeletons and zombies are harmed by splash potions of healing. So you could basically kill 2 birds with one stone(you’re killing the skeleton/zombie and healing yourself)! Zombies and Skeletons are very deadly and could rule your Minecraft world if you’re not careful.

How To Brew Potions!!!

To brew potions first you will need to craft a brewing stand. To craft a brewing stand you need 1 blaze rod and 3 cobblestone. To make the base of all potions you will need awkward potions. To brew awkward potions you will need a bottle of water and nether wart.

There are many helpful potions that you can brew. Some of these are potions of strength, healing, swiftness,invisibility, night vision and regeneration. To brew a strength potion you will need blaze powder and awkward potions. To brew healing potions you will need glistering melon and awkward potions. To craft a glistering melon you will need a melon and 8 gold nugget. To brew a swiftness potion you need sugar and awkward potions. To brew a potion of invisibility you will need to brew a night vision potion( a golden carrot and awkward potion ) then brew the night vision with a fermented spider eye. When you are brewing a regeneration potion you will need to use a ghast tear and awkward potion. All of these potions are very helpful.

There are also some harmful potions that can be helpful if used correctly. If you want to brew a harming potion you brew a healing potion and fermented spider eye. A potion a poison is brewed by combining a spider eye and awkward potions. A potion a weakness is a fermented spider eye and strength potions. To brew a slowness potion you will need a swiftness potion and a fermented spider eye. Also you can make all potions splash by adding gunpowder. There are many useful potions that you can brew and use to your advantage.

How To Defeat The Enderdragon!!

To even defeat the Enderdragon you need to get to the End. Getting to the end takes many steps. First try to kill Enderman to get Ender pearls. The ender pearls can be crafted into eye of Enders which will lead you to the stonghold. You will also need the eye of ender to place inside the portal frame. Once all 12 eye of Enders are in the end portal frame it will activate and you can step in.

Once you are in the End you will start to hear the growls and snarls of the Enderdragon. Don’t even try to harm the Enderdragon before you destroy the beacons. The beacons are the purple crystals that will heal the Enderdragon. You can hit the beacons or you can shoot it with arrows or snowballs. On the Xbox version there will be 2 beacons that have iron bars around them, making it impossible to shoot it in any way. To destroy those beacons you must climb up the obsidian poles and hit it. Once you have destroyed all the beacons, you can start killing the Endredragon.

The Enderdragon is very fearsome. The Enderdragon has 100 hearts or 200 hit points. The Enderdragon will try to kill you be diving towards you, shooting acid balls and when the Enderdragon is on his bedrock pole he will have acid coming out his mouth that can spread farer than the acid balls. The Enderdragon can only be harmed by swords and arrows as it is immune to fire, lava, water and the thorns enchantment. When the Enderdragon has the smallest amount of health it will try to fly to bedrock pole in the center of the end. When it is trying to do that it will be immune to everything until it reaches it. When it lands on the pole it will take one hit to finish it off.

When the Enderdragon dies it will drop loads of XP and on top of the bedrock pole there will be the Enderdragon egg. You can collect the egg by using a piston or have the egg on a block with a torch under it. If try to break the egg it will teleport the egg some where random, although not too far away so you don’t have to worry about the egg falling though the void. The Enderdragon is very well worth killing.

All About Nether Mobs!!!!!

In total there are 6 mobs in the nether. These mobs are the Ghast, Magma Cube, Blaze, Wither Skeleton, Zombie Pigman.

The Ghast is the weakest nether mob if you don’t count the tiny magmas. The Ghast has 5 hearts or 10 hit points. The Ghast spawns in the nether in an area of at least 5 by 4 by 5. The Ghast will shoot fire charges out of its mouth. The fire charges can deal at the most 17 hit points. However to avoid the damage you can try to hit/deflect the fire charge back at them. The Ghast can drop gunpowder or ghast tears. Ghast are certainly their own unique self.

The next weakest mob is the magma cube. The large magma cube has 8 hearts or 16 hit points. The medium sized Magma Cube has 2 hearts or 4 hit points. The smallest Magma Cube has 1/2 a heart or 1 hit point. The Magma cube spawns in the nether. The slime and the Magma cubes are like cousins. They are like cousins because their attack methods are exactly the same but they live in two different dimensions. Don’t forget to be careful when fighting Magmas!

The Blaze shares 1st place for having the most health. The Blaze has 10 hearts or 20 hit points. The Blaze will shoot balls of fire which will light you on fire. The Blaze can fly so try to take it out with a bow or with snowballs. The Blaze loves fire so be careful when fighting them as the fire effect alone can take you out.

The Wither Skeleton shares 1st place for health with the Blaze and Zombie Pigman. This means that the Wither Skeleton has 10 hearts or 20 hit points. When the Wither Skeleton hits you, you will be inflected with the Wither effect for 10 seconds. The Wither Skeleton spawns in or around the nether fortress. The Wither Skeletons can drop coal, stone swords or a Wither Skeleton Skull. The Wither Skeleton is definitely the Withers servant at heart.

The last mob of the nether is the Zombie Pigman. (Or as some people call it, the Pigman). The Pigman has 10 hearts or 20 hit points. The Pigman is actually neutral until you hit it. If you hit then all of the Pigmen around will attack you and you could find yourself swarmed. Sometimes a Pigman will drop a gold sword or gold ingots. When ever you are in the nether try not to hit the Pigmen or you will regret it!

All About Hostile Overworld Monsters!


In total there are 8 monsters in the overworld(the world where you spawn in). The monsters are a Silverfish, Spiders, Slimes, Creepers, Skeleton, Zombie, Witch and Endermen.

The weakest hostile monster in the Silverfish. Silverfish has a total of 4 hearts or 8 health points. A Silverfish will deal damage to you by wiggling towards you and hitting you which if not careful will kill you. Silverfish will spawn in the stronghold from block. When a silverfish is attacked near another silverfish block, that will cause the silverfish to spawn and you could find your self swarmed swarmed.

The next weakest mob is the spider. The spider has a total of 8 hearts or 16 health points. The spider also has a relative, the cave spider. The cave spider is the same except it can poison you and spawns in cave. The spider can climb walls and doesn’t burn in the sunlight. If you are in daylight and you hit a spider it will remain hostile. Also if you are in a low light level it will automatically be hostile towards you even if you did not harm it. The spider will attack you by leaping towards you, and when it touches you it will inflict damage. The spider is not a monster to be underestimated.

The slime is one of the most unique monsters as it can be all different sizes and strengths. You can tell if it is stronger or weaker by its size. If it is a small slime it cannot harm you but if its a massive slime it is very strong. Slimes spawn in swamps and in dark caves. Slimes will attack by repetitively jumping into you and harming you. They will also create knockback, which if cornered in a cave, will over power you VERY quickly. If you are fighting a slime in a swamp, lead them to the water and they will quickly drown because they can’t swim. If you are battling a slime don’t forget their abilities!

Skeletons are monsters that rely on their bow and arrows to try to harm you. The skeleton has 10 hearts or 20 health points just like you. The skeleton will try to shoot at you but if you are farer away the skeleton will have less of a chance of hitting you but if you are closer he will always almost hit you. They spawn in the night and in dark caves but if they are exposed to daylight they will start to burn and will die by fire damage. If they are in water or shade they will not die from daylight. Don’t forget that skeletons have bows or you could be killed running away!

Zombies are close attack mobs that rely on you being close. Zombies attack you by walking towards you and hitting you. Zombies,like skeletons, will burn in daylight and spawn at night and in caves. Also like skeletons if they are in water or shade in they won’t burn in the daylight. Zombies are very similar to skeletons that could almost be brothers!

Creepers are everybody’s favorite monster. Creepers attack by running to you and blowing up. If you have no armor and you are in the middle of an explosion you will probably be killed. Creepers, like zombies and skeletons, have 10 hearts or 20 health points. What it very unique to Creepers though if you have a cat or ocelot near you the Creeper will start running away. Creepers are the easiest attainable source of gunpowder which can be crafted into TNT which when power source will explode! Creepers are especially unique it there own, special way!

The second strongest monster(or mob) in the overworld is the Witch. The witch has 26 health points or 14 heart. The witch will try to kill you by throwing potions of weakness, poison , harming and slowness at you. Also if you try to run away from the witch she will give herself swiftness and will splash you with slowness. The witch is also immune to fire(with fire resistance),85% immune to poison potions and harming potions. The witch can drop gunpowder, spider eyes , potions and a number of other brewing ingredients. It try to take the witch out use a bow or avoid the potions and attack it with a sword. Witch definitely have abilities to call themselves witches!

The strongest over world mob is the Enderman. The Enderman has 20 hearts or 40 health points. Enderman are the only mobs that can teleport. The Endermen use this ability to teleport around you and hit you before you can hit back. Endermen spawn in the overworld and in the End. Water and lava can harm Endermen so if it is raining the Endermen will not be around. If you hit an Enderman then it is harmed by either water or lava it will return into a neutral state. If you look at and Enderman in the eyes that will be taken as a sign of hostility and will attack you. On occasion Endermen will drop an endear pearl which can be used for teleporting around or being combined with a blaze rod to make an eye of ender which is needed to get to the end. Also is you wear a pumpkin on your head Enderman can’t see you! Endermen are definitely a cool mob but strong too!

How to Deafeat the Wither on Minecraft

If you want to to defeat the Wither you will need a lot of stuff to do so but the results are worth it.

The first thing you will want to do is go mining and get diamonds. You should at least get 15diamonds. You should get 15because you can make a diamond pickaxe which is 3 so you have 12 left. You can use those to make and enchantment table and diamond sword which leaves you with 8 diamonds to make a diamond chestplate to wear to defend yourself from the wither effect which is an effect similar to poison but can be more deadly.

When you first create the Wither with 4 soul sand and and 3 wither skeleton skulls he will spawn in with half health but you can’t harm him and his health starts to regenerate as soon as he spawns in anyway. When the Wither reaches full health he will explode then will start to attack you by shooting wither heads towards you which upon contact will inflict you with the wither effect.

Depending on the color of fog that surounds the wither when it reaches about half health determines what it can be harmed by either a bow and arrows or a sword. It will also have regeneration on.

The Wither is vulnerable to potions, bows and swords. The Wither is immune to fire so don’t bring a flint and steel because you probably burn yourself. Also do not forget that the wither can fly because if you only have a sword you will be taking damage and the Wither is regenerating.

The Wither has 300 health points which means it has 150 hearts.

A good strategy to use is to take snow and iron golems to distract the wither away from you. You should also get enchanted golden apples to regenerate your health.

After you have defeated the Wither it will drop a nether star which can be crafted into beacon which after you pay it a iron,gold ingot,emerald or diamond in a certain radius will give you a good potion effect FOREVER! Don’t forget though that the beacon needs to be placed on a pyramid of either iron, gold, emeralds or diamond blocks. You will know that the pyramid has worked because a tall blue light will shoot out of the beacon. Then you can pay it then it will give you a buff of your choice. Killing the Wither is very worth it for all the stuff you can get.